Dementia Scotland 2016
A Human Rights Based Approach to Care
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Dementia Scotland 2016
A Human Rights Based Approach to Care
14th of September 2016
Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

Govconnect is a social enterprise dedicated to assisting the wide range of organisations in the UK & EU challenged with delivering health and social care policy. We seek to ensure that the vision for Health and Care is delivered upon across all UK and European geographies and administrations.

Our initial focus to date has been dedicated to the immense challenges that improved Dementia care, diagnosis and research presents across England.

Through our inaugural conference in London and the accompanying Northern version, we have ensured that the leading stakeholders are convened to discuss the progressions to date. These activities have empowered hundreds of health and care professionals with valuable insight on future policy aspirations for 2020 and beyond. The huge success of these initiatives have also enabled Govconnect to utilise its social status and reinvest back into many community projects and National charities.

Devolution is a process of decentralisation, and puts power closer to the citizen so that local factors are better recognised in decision-making, something that is undoubtably essential when tackling Dementia and the many associated human rights issues it can pose.

This has fundamentally changed the constitutional arrangements of the UK, whilst Dementia is a shared challenge each devolved administrations health and social care strategy has variations in approach, these variations extend across the entire EU and globally.

This provides both the ability for each Nation to create a territorially focused approach based on their unique understandings of their respective nations along with great opportunity to dissect each individual Nations approach and deliver knowledge transfer on all best practice.

Govconnect’s belief is that through working with each administrations strategy separately and feeding all knowledge gained back into a central repository of resource and guidance for all EU states to benefit from is essential to the global challenge Dementia presents.

In turn, it is hoped that models of care can be improved upon, partnerships strengthened and that through engagement with local communities and their local and national delivery agents tasked with the provision of Health & Care; the quality of patient experience, safety, and care is enhanced.

To ensure that we deliver on our pledge we are urging policy makers, government departments and all responsible agencies and organisations to work with us on these unique set of challenges.

As one of the UK’s fastest growing social enterprises we work with a range of local community projects on issues linked to Dementia, in addition to investing our profits to key research charities and many other worthy causes.

Govconnect are delighted to announce the inaugural conference Dementia Scotland 2016 - A Human Rights Based Approach to Care.

This conference will examine progress of Scotland’s ongoing National Dementia Strategy, whilst dissecting the aspirations of the New 2016-2019 strategy. The conference website will provide ongoing commentary as the key priorities of the new strategy unfold.

Update: March 2016 - Proposal for Scotland’s National Dementia Strategy 2016-19

This proposal for Scotland's National Dementia Strategy 2016-19 is the outcome of extensive discussion and feedback from the Dementia Dialogue events between November and January and written submissions on the dementia consultation paper. This paper lays out Scottish Government proposals on the major areas of policy and direction on dementia for the next three years, and will form the basis of Scotland's next three-year National Dementia Strategy which will be published later this year, in 2016.

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