Dementia Scotland 2016
A Human Rights Based Approach to Care
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Dementia Scotland 2016
A Human Rights Based Approach to Care
14th of September 2016
Dynamic Earth, Edinburgh

This conference will examine progress of Scotland’s ongoing National Dementia Strategy, whilst dissecting the aspirations of the New 2016-2019 strategy. The conference website will provide ongoing commentary as the key priorities of the new strategy unfold. 

Govconnect will provide a platform for the leaders of all Scotland's key dementia projects and many others to showcase their achievements and ambitions and provide insight on evidence based research and innovations to the leading health and care professionals from across all areas Scotland.

As a delegate you will become part of our dedicated community and gain access to our prestigious conference, research library and all associated social media networking groups. 

Your delegate package includes the following:

  • Access to all areas of the conference including the main plenary presentations, Q&A sessions, speaker presentations, master class sessions and all networking zones. 
  • Access to information and guidance on current and future strategies from the UK’s leading authorities and governing bodies tasked with transforming dementia care, support and research by 2020.
  • Gain an understanding and the ability to share in identifying the contributing factors behind greater collaboration from leaders across the health & social care landscape.
  • Identify best practice approaches from the most successful projects across the Uk.
  • Gain CPD points for attendance on the day along with copies of all slides and information covered across the course of the entire 12 month online conference campaign.
  • By purchasing a ticket for the conference you will directly contribute to one of a range of associated charities. You can select your chosen charity at the point of booking.
  • Have the opportunity to understand the strategies that directly affect your organisations, whilst influencing future Government policy.
  • Via our website, all delegates can submit their organisations relevant policies and case studies onto our resource library throughout the full lifecycle of the conference engagement period.
Delegate Rates:

Charity Sector £195
Public Sector £295
Private Sector £295
Presentation topics: 
 • Current Progress on Improving Dementia Care & Support
 • Current Progress towards New Treatments and Preventions for Dementia
 • Standards of Care for Dementia in Scotland
 • Improving Dementia Care in Scotland
 • Regulations for Service Providers and Managers
 • Connecting Research Networks
 • Investing in Dementia Research
• Improvement Support for Care Providers
• Human Rights Based approach to Dementia Care
• Developing world class facilities
• Healthcare Support Workforce Development
Please note: Due to the high volume of interest across all sectors and so as to ensure fair representation for all relevant bodies, all delegate tickets are awarded on a first come first served basis. Organisations are limited to a maximum of 5 tickets.
Who Should Attend
Dementia Scotland 2016 will be open to professionals, decision makers and influencers. Please see below for an indicative list of those represented.
  • Clinical Leads/Directors and Specialists
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • Care Home Owners/Managers
  • Care Services Directors
  • Care Coordinators
  • NHS Chief Executives
  • NHS Commissioners
  • Community Health and Outreach Teams
  • Consultant Social Workers
  • Day Care Managers
  • Dementia Champions
  • Dementia/Older People Nurses
  • Directors of Health Policy and Strategy
  • Directors of Public Health
  • Directors/Heads of Adult Social Care and Older People's Services
  • Directors/Heads of Community Care Services
  • Directors/Heads of Nursing and Patient Safety
  • Directors/Heads of Primary Care/Community Mental Health
  • General Practitioners and Consultants
  • Geriatric Psychiatrists and Health Teams
  • Geriatricians
  • Heads of Carers and Service Users
  • Heads of Dementia Care Teams
  • Homecare Managers
  • Directors of Mental health services
  • Neurologists
  • Psychiatrists
  • Psychologists
  • Research Directors/Professors/Nurses
  • Central Government and Agencies
  • Local Authority Officers and Councillors
  • Safeguarding Adults Boards
  • Adult Social Services Responsibilities Leads
  • Primary Care Trusts
  • Health Practitioners
  • Social Care Practitioners
  • Health Promotion Agencies
  • Care Providers
  • Adult Social Services
  • Palliative Care Associations
  • Mental Health Practitioners
  • Patient’s Organisations
  • Dementia Care Teams
  • Specialist Dementia Nurses
  • Learning Disability Nurses
  • Community Nurses/Matrons
  • Palliative Care Nurses
  • Palliative Care Teams
  • Clinical Leads and Specialists
  • Geriatric Psychiatrists
  • Health Visitors
  • Health Regulators
  • Equality, Diversity and Human Rights Practitioners
  • Legal Advisers
  • Campaigning Organisations
  • Active Ageing Organisations
  • Institutes of Lifelong Learning
  • Adult Education Organisations
  • Independent Advocacy Services
  • Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Bodies
  • Charities, Social Enterprises and Cooperatives
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